Candidate Screening

Our goal at Nannies from the Heart is to give you peace of mind, all of our nannies are thoroughly screened and investigated in a four-step process.

Review of Initial Application
Typically, Nannies from the Heart receives more than 20 employment inquiries from potential nannies and babysitters a week. On average, only 7 of those 20 applicants are called in for an interview and further screening. We require a minimum of one year of child care experience, although most of our nannies have much more!
Interview and Assessments
Each nanny and babysitter is interviewed by Lisa DesBoine, Owner and Placement Coordinator. As a mother (and grandmother) of four children she knows what to look for. She searches for genuine people who have a natural ability with children and families. Lisa prides herself in being able to recognize those candidates that have an instinctive yearning to love, cuddle, teach and play. Each applicant also takes a personality assessment and answers numerous "What if...” questions in written form.

Reference Checks
NH staff verifies previous employment through personal phone calls to each reference. Topics of conversation include the candidate's punctuality, their quality of work, as well as their attitude and many other important issues that would determine if the candidate meets our standards. If it was a child care/nanny position, we discuss in great detail the candidate's interactions with children.

We also perform personal reference checks. These checks help us to develop a clear picture of the candidate's character by chatting with people who have known them for many years.

Most reference checks are done by telephone, in a professional, yet candid manner. Detailed notes from each phone call are taken and kept in the candidate's file. These notes are always available to the families for review. With the increased popularity of email and the "always available" website, we have begun to collect many references online. These references are verified via email or phone. The online references ask the same questions as we would in a phone call, and give references the opportunity to contribute no matter what time of day it is.

Background Investigation
Each nanny candidate is fingerprinted and obtains a criminal check through the Department of Public Safety, before they are sent on any hourly babysitting jobs. Furthermore, once a family is prepared to offer a position to a candidate, Nannies from the Heart contracts with Proforma Screening Solutions to run an extensive background check on the candidate.  Applicants are screened for any reported felony and misdemeanor convictions at the state level, as well as counties they have lived in for the last 7 years. Proforma also checks the sex offender database, verifies the candidate’s social security number and obtains a report from the Department of Motor Vehicles for the state they reside in. If a nanny has an additional last name (ie. maiden name or married name), Proforma will run these criminal checks on that name as well. Families may request other inquiries such as credit checks, drug tests or criminal checks in additional counties.